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✅ Stop grinding & over-hustling and really hit your sweet spot by working smarter not harder


✅ Make achieving goals (both personally & professionally) simple, avoiding burnout 🤯 of any kind


✅ Hacks on Mindset - regarding motivation, goals and clutch under pressure


✅ Well-being tips for high achievers because without your health you have nothing! Put more energy in your tank


✅ Leadership how to's ideal for time & stress management, communication skills and decision-making ability


By implementing small 1% changes in either your Well-being, Leadership Ability or Mindset Mastery your Career or Professional Performace will indeed elevate to that of PEAK Performance status. 

All of which can happen without the other pieces of the puzzle falling apart. 

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Helping Ambitious Professionals Perform

Hello Adéle here


...a Performance Coach & Profiler that helps to elevate results by sharpening 3 categories

(a) your Mindset (b) your Wellbeing and (c) your ability to self-promote or showcase your inherent leadership skills. I work with ambitious professionals in high performing careers or businesses.


I firmly live by the mantra “there has got to be another way” and aptly call myself an eternal optimist (although it wasn’t always that way). I have hosted many other workshops both locally and internationally, for corporates and public alike.


Am a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Advanced Pranic Healer, Edisc Trainer and Psychosomatic Profiler, ex-National Softball player and mother of two awesome boys and wife to an amazing husband of 18 years!


I keep up with marketing trends just for fun, as my previous passion was PR and Marketing, a habit I find useful to hold on to.


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