Are You ready to take your Career to the next level?
The Elevate Project is the ultimate peak performance framework that helps you as a Leader to use human behavioural to your advantage.
It helps you REVIVE the way you work, play, live and love:
  • for those who operate in high pressure, demanding & results-orientated arenas
  • business owners or career professionals
  • Focusing on: time management, communication & decision-making skills, 
  • Emotional intelligence & problem-solving abilities under pressure
  • Focusing on: Career Burnout Prevention, Life Balance,Energy Levels  & Stress Management 

The Elevate Project...

How about results...without being bled dry?

Start to Work, Play, Live & Love to THRIVE


We specialise in & concentrate on 3 Key areas to elevate your success 

When you start to step outside your comfort zone your "buttons" are going to be pushed. Your mindset will need a new level of skill set. 


We specialise in & concentrate on 3 Key areas to elevate your success 

You can be the most successful at what you do but if you can't get out of bed in the morning then your results will be short lived. 


We specialise in & concentrate on 3 Key areas to elevate your success 

Create your own brand or style of Leadership in this hectic ever changing day and age. Adapt or die when it comes to working with next Generations!

Helping Ambitious People Perform

About your Coach:

Adele is a Performance Coach & Profiler (of 7 years) that specialises in Workplace Burnout & Stress Management who coaches ambitious professionals in highly demanding careers or businesses.

She firmly lives by the mantra “there has got to be another way” and aptly calls herself an eternal optimist (although it wasn’t always that way). She takes her clients on retreats throughout the world and uses her past tourism industry know how to facilitate these events.


She has hosted many other workshops locally and internationally, is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Advanced Pranic Healer, Edisc Trainer and Psychosomatic Profiler, ex-National Softball player and mother of two awesome boys and wife to an amazing husband of 18 years! 


She keeps up with marketing trends just for fun, as her previous passion was PR and Marketing, but old (useful) habits die hard!

Currently, she lives in Toowoomba, QLD, Australia.


You can check her out on for her latest online mastermind programme called “The Elevate Project”

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