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Meet Sue, she's a high achiever & performer but currently, she feels dull & uninspired.
She's desperate to get away to recharge, refuel and refocus. 
She's dragging her body out of bed each day, instead of bouncing
Lately, she has picked up a few pounds which she can't shake no matter how well she eats or exercises.
BUT she's a mover and shaker - a woman that gets stuff done
who loves the thrill of achieving and getting results...
It's the real results that are currently a bit shaky, & her energy is sapped. She is drained & exhausted, adrenally fatigued and teetering on burnout. 
Are you FLIRTING with Burnout like Sue? 

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Think youcould use some time out for yourself to recharge, refuel and refocus? Expressions of interests open to our upcoming Retreats in New Zealand, Greece, Hawaii & Tasmania 

As a personality profiler and performance coach, I have noticed a few things over the past 7 years that have spurred me into action, deliberate, sustainable action. 


You need a different pace, style and environment to sculpt your sustainable future. You don't need more hustle, you don't need more depletion, you are doing enough cortisol driven thinking that leads to burnout. You need guidance and initial hand holding.


My name is Adele and I have been doing this for quite some time. 7 + Years in fact and I know achievers like you. I totally get you.  I also know that I can help.

My approach may be unorthodox, but I get sustainable results time and time again for people like you.  


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