Why the Answer Currently is NO & 3 Simple Rules for Leadership Success

March 6, 2019



Hey there, Adele here


If there is one thing that I am adhering to of late is that less is more so not sure how that sits with you? I am seeing more and more evidence of (and I as in me is included in this Generalisation) that "we are OVERCOOKING things. By overcooking I mean over complicating, and by things I mean the way we Work, Play, Live & Love. 


There you have it I have said it. We are making things way too hard and complicated for ourselves. Who is with me on this one? Would you agree? 



So with that in mind I found these 3 very simple life rules that someone (who was or is very intelligent) has kindly shared with the world and I am only paying it forward and passing it on! And I have put them in the frame work of LEADERSHIP.  (Remember you don't have to have the title of leader to be a leader). Be like Robin Sharma says "the leader without a title"


1) If you do not go after what you want, you will NEVER have it! (i.e. that fancy pants job you would really like, the business you want to start, the goal you want to achieve) 


2) If you do not ask, the answer will always be NO! (YESSSSSS - get better at putting yourself out there please!) 


3) If you do NOT step forward, you will always be in the same space! (Duhh but of course. Genius but so simple!) 


Some may say: "sounds easy enough but why am I not doing or living by these rules?" Here are my thoughts:


1) Fear! It will keep you from doing what you want or need to do most. Many say it is a fear of failure, I beg to disagree, I think it is a fear of success and what success may change you into. 


2) Rejection! Who honestly wants to be rejected? I mean really. So if I don't ask then no one can say no. But by not asking they are saying no anyway! This is where the art of selling yourself comes into play. 


3) Stuckness. Umm I don't think that is a word really.  But if you stand still and keep on standing still you will be at the same spot each time. A tiny, wee baby step is better than no step. And if you are lacking in confidence, then start to get certain that you can achieve something (as in results) even though you have never had success references in this given field! 


So on the flip side isn't it a revelation to know that if:

* you "don't have it" it's because you haven't gone after it, pursued it, given it energy.

* you hear nothing, you haven't asked.  Is the No only no in your head?

* if you are in the same space - even moving sideways can help. 


Over to you > which one of the above 3 Simple Life / Leadership Rules do you like the most? And which one of the 3 do you need to do a bit more of right now too? 



Adele - Performance Coach to high achievers  


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