What Are Some of the Factors that Cause Burnout?

August 30, 2018


So last week I was at a conference and whilst around the coffee station a woman began talking to me.


- Woman: I'm on my 4th coffee of the day and my dreaded 3pm slump hasn't even kicked in yet! 

* Me: This happens every day? How do you sleep at night?


- Woman: Wine - or bubbles - it usually does the trick 

* Me: That would make my head fuzzy I am such a lightweight, how do you cope?


- Woman: Nope, your body gets used to it, really it works!

* Me: WOW what happened? 


- Woman: LIFE I am just so busy rushing...trust me it's a far cry from the happy-go-lucky bouncy, bubbly little girl I used to be. I am so cranky lately that people have nicknamed me  "The Dragon", and I have become a complete control freak.

* Me: Surely it doesn’t have to be that way though? 


Woman: What are my options? My energy levels are so low and my adrenals definitely are shot. Waking up feels like a chore. I am just about as burnout as it gets. 

Are you close to burnout or suffering adrenal fatigue?


- Is getting up in the morning a drag? And nothing possible before your first cup of coffee?

- Constantly sick after a big project or just as you start your well earned holiday? 

- Starting to notice how cranky and snappy you are of late! 

- Tired but wired at night time? And need a few wines to shut down

- Struggling to shed some of those pesky rolls around your belly area despite your best efforts?


Adrenals are meant to give you energy and keep you alive if you are under threat, if you think you could be suffering burnout be sure to hang out with us some more.


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