[Podcast] Share - Turning a Negative Mindset into a Positive One!

May 8, 2019



Word of caution this podcast conversation will change your life and mind for the better!

Are you ready to free your mind from negative thoughts holding you back in your life?  


I chat with Adele Spurgin from The Big Courage  https://www.thebigcourage.com 

a performance coach who will share with us how to turn a negative mindset into a positive.


Are you sick and tired of being stuck in a negative rut, negative self-talk and are you looking for a better way of thinking then this podcast episode is for you!

Our podcast conversation is real, raw, honest and authentic.

Adele shares her tools, advice, personal stories and anecdotes with us.


Most importantly helping our listeners to become unstuck, free and limitless in their everyday thinking. I promise you will feel inspired and uplifted. 


Here are a few of the key topics and questions we discuss on the show:

If our listeners are struggling with a negative mindset –

* What are your tips and advice on how to get rid of a negative mindset?

* How can our listeners recognise and identify negative thought patterns?

* And how can they prevent it from ruining their day or life?

* How do we step back from our thoughts and not buy into them and believe the story we make up in our minds?

* How do we stop worrying about events or worst-case scenarios in our future that hasn’t happened yet or might not happen?

* If our listeners are battling with their inner voice saying they are “not good enough, you don’t have enough or you are not enough” how do they overcome this negative self-talk?

* How can we let go of the past and build a different story without dwelling on past experiences?

Here is the podcast link >> 




I trust you enjoy listening to it as much I as I enjoyed recording it with Desmore! 


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