[Podcast] Work is Not The Enemy!

March 20, 2019


Hey there! Thanks for taking the time out to land on my blog, have you got a treat coming your way today. 

Hands up if you think work is the "bad" one?  You know what I mean in terms of bad... it keeps us

away from the people we love, it gobbles up our every hour, it keeps us prisoner when we aren't happy.  Traditionally when we hear the phrase work-life balance, I start to think that work has been painted with a bad brush and that it has copped a lot of flack.  


Trust me for years I thought the exact same thing.  I thought work was the baddie. But you know what, when you don't have work or you are looking (desperately) for work you very quickly realise that work isn't so bad.  It's when you don't have it, that not having it is REAL bad. 


This exact type of dichotomous thinking this type of "all or nothing" thinking kept me stuck for many many years, and sure with 20/20 everyone is smarter but I am here to bat for modern day work. My alternative though is to working smarter not harder, working in flow not pushing sh*T uphill. When it all seems like too much of a push then it is time to reassess. 


And if you want to revive your work (career), play (fun time), life (out with boring) & love (yes to juicy relationships) then please stick around as I have so many seeds I would love to plant in your thinking. 


Our minds are gardens, our thoughts the seeds we choose to sow.  Are you cultivating an oasis surrounded by a dessert? Are you growing herbs and fruits? Or have the weeds settled in? Please type down below in the comments where you find yourself right now...


[Workplace Well-being] 

Should you want to shift the needle for yourself on this one then please click the link above (on the picture) for my most recent podcast where I was interviewed by Monika from My Wellness Pie. She does some sensational podcasts so be sure to check out her Instagram profile by clicking here >> https://instagram.com/mywellnesspie

Together We discuss:

-What is burnout?

-How to recognise it and face it head-on

-My Burnout Prevention Protocol – a 9-factor methodology that aims to explore, listen and rewire yourself to prevent burnout (ideal for those in high performing, high stress jobs)

-How your emotional intelligence impacts your stress levels

-Three tips to avoid burnout 

-Celery juicing – why it’s one of the best things EVER for your health

-So many more great wellness hacks!


Happy listening, I personally love listening to podcasts while driving the car so why not do the same! 






Ps - if you enjoyed this blog and want me to keep in touch with you, why not download 👇our free PDF guide 101 Ways to Elevate your Professional Success today 👇👇 click on the link!


Adele Spurgin is a Performance Coach & Profiler that specialises in Burnout working with professionals in high performing careers and businesses.

She firmly lives by the mantra “there has got to be another way” and aptly calls herself an eternal optimist.

She is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, an Advanced Pranic Healer, Edisc Trainer and Psychosomatic Profiler, running workshops globally to help others elevate their level of success.

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