we coach burnout but what does that mean? 


Need to Refuel and Recharge?...and you just know that waiting for your next holiday won't do it! 
Join the only one of its kind approach to burnout that looks at it from 3 facets: 
Refocus your MINDSET
Refuel with the right FOODS
& Recharge by understanding your ENERGY CODE! 

to BEAT Burnout you must change

VIP Velocity is ideal for the high achieving woman, the Alpha Women in the world. We get that you know you are powerful, right now though you are strung out. 


If you have been feeling tapped out, deflated, tired and just about ready to throw in the towel your very own private VIP day will get you re-focused, re-energised and re-fueled.


It's the ideal time out for busy professional women who are seeking balance and clarity. Who are in need a fresh perspective on a big issue.


If it seems "nothing is working" and you seem to be straining more than usual, and is seems like you are working way to HARD >> then this day VIP day is for you.

No pushing, hustling, grinding or straining needed for direction.

There is no longevity or sustainability to hustle, with terms like #GirlBoss out there some women have taken on even more multiple depleting roles. 


We get it that the last thing you want to hear is "slow-down", so we have designed the VIP day so you take the most natural direction.

A personal VIP day immerses you in a neutral space, away from life's daily distractions

- it's like pampering for your brain and thoughts - 

what does VIP Velocity give me?

Insights & strategies that are sustainable and focused on your mindset, your ideal foods & your ENERGY map /code. 

how does it work?

submit your application, be selected, pick a date and arrive at the selected venue. We bring all the tools, all the gear all the "stuff"

isn't group work better? 

everyone is at a different stage, hence why the VIP Velocity has been designed for those who are really ready to step up & don't want to waste any more time. 

As a personality profiler and performance coach, I have noticed a few things over the past 7 years that have spurred me into action, deliberate, sustainable action. 


#1 = getting rid of burnout won't happen by only taking a holiday! As natural go-getters we are creators and hence need a different pace, style and environment to sculpt our ideal outcomes and to re-set. We don't need more hustle, we don't need more depletion, there is enough cortisol driven thinking that leads to burn out. We must do our future lives differently (or hormones are begging us).


My name is Adele and I have been doing this for quite some time. 7 + Years in fact and I know achievers like you. I totally get you.

I also know that I can help.

My approach may be unorthodox, but I get sustainable results time and time again for people like you.  

So let's keep in touch


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